SPERIAN.jpg - 28.83 kb



X-treme XTR-30

Sperian-X-TREME-EARPLUG.jpg - 70.65 kb


                              - Comfortable earplug with high attenuation.          

                              - Brightly coloured offering high visibility and worker compliance.

                              - Smooth tapered shape for easy insertion and removal.

                              - Complies to SLC80 26dB class 5.

                              - Conveniently sized hand dispensing option for easy accessibility .

                              - Wall or bench top dispenser provides a refillable option for the whole work area


                               text03.jpg - 21.02 kb          Description.jpg - 18.04 kb

                                                  XTR-30                              Uncorded



Thunder T3

Sperian-Thunder-T3.jpg - 33.26 kb


                              - NRR 30 dB

                              - Thunder® Noise Blocking Earmuffs         

                              - Dielectric construction suitable for all workplaces, especially

                                electrical environments

                              - Quick-Click height adjustment remains fixed during wear

                              - Snap-in ear cushions make replacement quick and easy. 

                              - Inner-ventilated headband minimizes pressure on the head,breathes

                                easier in warm/humid climates (T2 and T3 only)

                              - Non-deforming outer headband withstands rough treatment Cap-Mounted- T2

                              - For use with a wide range of hard hats




Clarity C1

Sperian-Clarity-C1-.jpg - 151.02 kb


                              - Uniform attenuation allows wearer to hear co-workers,instructions,

                                and other important sounds more naturally while blocking out harmful noise

                              - Dielectric construction suitable for all workplaces,especially electrical environments.        

                              - Uniform headband pressure for all head sizes,providing better comfort for long-term wear

                              - Inner-ventilated headband minimizes pressure on the head, breathes easier in

                                warm/humid climates.

                              - Noise Reduction Rate (NRR): 20 dB

                              - Color: Metallic Blue

                              - Type: Over-The-Hea






1011602 Thunder

Sperian-Thunder-T2H-.jpg - 23.74 kb


                              - Unique dual-headband offers better positioning and breathability,

                                and non-deforming outer headband minimizes pressure.          

                              - Dielectric construction withstands use and abuse while protecting

                                workers in electrical environments.

                              - Features patented Air Flow Control technology for optimal attenuation

                                across all frequencies and snap-in ear cushions for easy maintenance.

                              - Cap-mounted earmuffs include a pair of adapters






Clarity C3H Cap-Mounted Earmuff

Sperian-Clarity-1011147-.jpg - 31.07 kb


                              - Advanced Sound Management Technology prevents worker isolation

                                and over protection.

                              - Cap-Mounted for use with wide range of popular hard hats.         

                              - Earcups snap-lock in place during use and rotate back when not in use.

                              - Dielectric construction does not conduct electricity.

                              - Suitable for virtually all workplaces, especially electrical and mining


                              - Noise environments between 105dB to less than 110dB(A).





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